The voice is often neglected and rarely given enough consideration and the required treatment. The trainers of the ALC help you to improve the relationship with your voice. First the trainers of the ALC give you back your voice. Then they give you insight into your own voice. Finally they leave you with a vast array of exercises to do daily voice maintenance yourself. We offer courses for professional speakers, like teachers, lawyers and politicians, in which they receive training in their own field of work.

  • Retrieve Your Voice

    Lost your voice? The ALC can help you to retrieve it. Because we cooperate closely with speech therapists, we can assess the severity of the loss before judging whether medical intervention is required or voice training will suffice. Our trainers use a program of fun exercises that are easy to repeat at home.

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  • Effect of Your Voice

    In this training you learn to use your voice with maximal effect, with minimal effort. Raising your voice often seems the best way to draw attention but it often backfires and can even seriously damage your voice.

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  • Voice Preservation

    This training focuses on techniques to improve using your voice. Applying these techniques will enable you speak for a longer period of time, without damaging your voice. Speech therapists and singers work together to offer you a new insight into your voice, that can help you maintain your voice.

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