Group courses

  • Absolute beginners Courses Daytime

    This course takes the student from level A0 to level A1 (CEFR). Many of our students benefit from combining this course with ´The Sounds of Dutch´ to prevent you from forming a heavy accent. At the end of the course you can actively participate in conversations about simple topics like your home, your work and family […]

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  • False Starters/Into Second Gear

    This course is intended for students who know a little Dutch, but want to start from the beginning in order to form a steady basis. False Starters will take you to level A2/B1 (CEFR).

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  • Intermediate

    This course prepares the student for the advanced courses. The basis is enhanced, at the same time constructing a solid structure, ready for applying the final touch. The course takes you level B2 (CEF).

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  • Advanced

    After having finished this course students are able to participate fully in a Dutch-speaking environment. The student only makes small mistakes, usually in choosing the right word gender. The end level of the course is B2/C1 (CEF).

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  • The Final Touch

    This course takes the student practically to the level of a native speaker. The student makes no more mistakes. If he/she makes a mistake, he/she will be able to correct it immediately. The student is able to function in a Dutch-speaking corporate setting. The end level of this course is C1 (CEF).

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  • Early Bird Dutch

    For those who work in the daytime, and are socially occupied in the evening, the ALC has a special course: Early Bird Dutch. Learn Dutch as Amsterdam awakens, combined with a breakfast deal.

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