Intensive Summer Courses (two weeks)

We offer you the chance to learn the basics of Dutch in two weeks in summer. In a small group of two, three or four persons you will receive lessons for five hours a day and practice your Dutch during two hours of additional excursions and meals. 

Dutch Courses

The Amsterdam Language Centre offers Dutch courses at all levels. We determine the best class for you in a personal intake session. In a small group we then coach you to the next level. We offer group courses at five levels: Absolute Beginners, False Starters, Intermediate, Advanced, and The Finishing Touch.

Retrieve Your Voice

Lost your voice? The ALC can help you to retrieve it. Because we cooperate closely with speech therapists, we can assess the severity of the loss before judging whether medical intervention is required or voice training will suffice. Our trainers use a program of fun exercises that are easy to repeat at home.

Effect of Your Voice

In this training you learn to use your voice with maximal effect, with minimal effort. Raising your voice often seems the best way to draw attention but it often backfires and can even seriously damage your voice.

Voice Preservation

This training focuses on techniques to improve using your voice. Applying these techniques will enable you speak for a longer period of time, without damaging your voice. Speech therapists and singers work together to offer you a new insight into your voice, that can help you maintain your voice.

Lose Your Accent

Accents can be an enormous social burden. They can make fluent communication impossible, while they also influence the opinion listeners might have of the speaker. Language teachers and speech therapists work together to enable you to get rid of your accent. Using simple exercises they make you sound (very much) like a real native Dutchman.

Business Writing

Exam Training

If you need to pass an exam, Staatsexamen NT2, Inburgering or any other exam in the Dutch language, the ALC offers a special program, specifically designed to help you pass that exam. We know the fastest route to your certificate or diploma. Your training will focus on meeting the requirements of the exam, as well as simulating the circumstances of the exam in the training tests. We practise with exams from previous years.

Family Dutch

Keep up with your child. Get to know the language your child uses. Learn the words your child is learning, and practise the words together. The ALC offers Family Dutch throughout the city. Do not allow a language gap to occur. Your child learns, and so do you.

After School Dutch

The ALC offers a special program for children after school. Using drama, poetry and reading we improve your child’s basic language skills in a playful manner. Because we cooperate closely with speech therapists we can also offer special care in case of a serious language development problem.