Absolute beginners

MondayJuly 9th- September 10th19.00-21.00€295,-20
MondaySeptember 24th - November 26th19.00-21.00€295,-20
  • Monday - July 9th- September 10th
    19.00-21.00 | €295,- | 20 Hours
  • Monday - September 24th - November 26th
    19.00-21.00 | €295,- | 20 Hours

This course takes the student from level A0 to level A1 (CEFR). Many of our students benefit from combining this course with ´The Sounds of Dutch´ to prevent you from forming a heavy accent. At the end of the course you can actively participate in conversations about simple topics like your home, your work and family and understand these conversations.

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